Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction and supervision

Are you seeking a deeper relationship with our Creator?  Spiritual Direction can be a beneficial experience to help you on this journey.  I companion individuals and groups who represent a variety of Christian traditions. My only criteria is a desire to seek freedom and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. I frequently incorporate art and music in spiritual direction. As far as my own journey, I consider myself an extroverted contemplative. In our work and play together, I pray that you will be able to discover your own identity in your spiritual journey.

Currently setting appointments for new directees and supervisees in the DFW area.  A new supervision group will begin in September

Meeting place: Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church, 3901 North Star Road, Richardson, TX  75082 or an agreed upon location

Meeting time: 1 hour sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The first session is complimentary as we get to know one another and begin to determine your needs and desires.

Hourly for Direction: $40 to $60  sliding scale based on ability to pay.  Student fee $25.  Clergy fee $50

Hourly for Supervision: $55 to $75 sliding scale based on ability to pay.  Student fee $50.  Clergy Fee $55

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