Finding Me in the Clutter

Good Morning!

Setting up this blog has stretched me.  There are so many decisions to make.  What page design do I choose?  Do I include my name?  What is a dashboard- I thought that was in a car.  So many little decisions add up to the big picture which is this space for my thoughts and prayers.

Somewhere on these pages is the description tagline for this blog.  I wrote, “Finding God in all the clutter.”  In my crazy-busy life, clutter engulfs me.  Clutter in the mailbox and my e-mail box.  Clutter in the papers that come home from school – the kids school and my school.  Clutter in the phone calls of people wanting a piece of my time.  Clutter in the to do list that is now 3-4 pages.  How do I discriminate between what is important?  urgent?  necessary?

I spent the past year trying to unclutter my life.  Not only did I find more of God, I found more of me.  What I didn’t realize is how much of me I uncovered.  Or to look at it another way, how much of me was hidden behind my children, my husband, my studies, my calendar, my to do list.

I discovered this quote from Mahatma Gandhi at the beginning of this year:

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the “atomic age” – as in being able to remake ourselves.”  Read it again.

“As human beings, our greantess lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Have you ever lost yourself?  Or just part of yourself?  You are not alone.  I see this casualty as an epidemic in our society today.  It must be stopped.  We must slow down, eat dinner together, say, “I love you.”  We must be present in our marriages and relationships.  We must be present to our children and friends.  We must be present with God to find God.  For if we are lost in the clutter, surely we are not fully present with God.

I pray that you take time today to find yourself.  Find more of yourself than you found yesterday.  Take time to rework the calendar, get rid of the unimportant tasks.  In getting to know yourself, you might find it is time to remake yourself.  What habits do you want to shed?  Have your ideals changed?  Are you surrounded by people who love you for you?

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice that each day is a new beginning.  Each day is a change for us to remake ourselves into the child God intends us to be.  If you are alone or lonely or if you need a friend to help you remake yourself.  Call someone today.  You are too precious and too imporant to be hidden in the clutter.

God bless you,



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