“Type A” to “Blank Check”

I love gadgets.  I rationalize using them because I let myself believe they make me more productive.  Once the input is complete, the gadgets even remind me I sould be doing something.  It is quite remarkable actually.  But somehow I just can’t give up the handwritten family calendar.  Two copies in fact.  One that sits in the kitchen at home for all to see and one that goes with me just about anywhere.  You might consider this the Type A part of me.  I don’t like to be late.  I don’t like to reschedule appointments.  A good day is crossing off all tasks with a checkmark – complete.

Realizing this only adds to the stress of my life, I am trying to let go of this control, giving God my life like a “blank check.”  I might not accomplish as many taks during the day, but my day is more meaningful to me.  I see more God-filled moments as I encourage myself to live fully in God’s presencce.

If you want to live more fully in God’s presence, try opening your day with this prayer.  “God, I give you my life today as a blank check.  As you tenderly fill in the “pay to” spaces, I pray that I recognize your presence in each moment.”  And as you close the day, think of the God filled moments which you have shared with God, and close the day with a prayer of thanksgiving for those moments.

May your day be filled with the peace of God,



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