And how exactly are we connected to the earth?

I’ll be traveling back to Dallas tomorrow, so I am posting my blog today. (Don’t expect this great organization when school starts back!)

While in Colorado, we missed seeing a great “old friend,” Bill Berger.  He passed away in May.  We loved to go see Bill and ride horses at Platte Ranch just south of Fairplay, CO.  Bill was a true kindred spirit.  His “genuine” presence is one to be admired.  I say “genuine” not because he would tell the same story each time we saw him, but because his presence was genuine.  When you were with him, you were important to him. 

I want to share with you a poem Bill wrote which was part of the bulletin at his memorial service:

A Cowboy’s job is to ride the range,

And that I do and notice the change,

The flat lands, pastures and forest, litter and waste,

Remnants of humans, left behind in their haste.


Why can’t they slow down, relax and enjoy the sights,

Instead of a quick hike and back to the city lights.

Thinking that nature is here for their use,

Not knowing or caring what results from careless abuse.


Mother Nature, she tries with great might,

To tell us and warn us, “Please see the Light.”

The Creator gave us a gift a beauty and wonder,

Too many humans decided to ravage and plunder.


The balance of nature, understood by so few,

Been around since the start, so it is nothing new.

To continue to take and forget to give back,

The beauty of nature we take for granted will fall through the crack.


Mother Nature she fights and tried to repair,

One against many just isn’t fair.

For one who understands, it brings a tear to my eye,

Without balance, can’t they understand nature will slowly die.

Written by:

Bill Berger, Platte Ranch, Fairplay CO

There is nothing like riding a horse up a hill, through the trees which reveals a beautiful plateau surrounded by mountains towering at 14,000 ft.  And at this moment it is so obvious that in God’s creation we are all connected, man to man, man to mountain, man to horse.  Each part is connected to God, therefore, each part is connected to one created in the image of God.

When I read Bill’s message, I am drawn to that word balance.  Bill found the secret to balance.  It was personal.  It reflected his soul.  It was genuine.  I pray one day to discover the balance Bill knew.  I keep trying, and when I fail, I will try again to appreciate nature, earth, man, animal all part of the balance of God’s creation.  A gift we so quickly overlook.

May you see God’s gift in creation today.

Dean with our friend and guide Jimmy at the Platte Ranch

Dean with our friend and guide Jimmy at the Platte Ranch


Bill’s daughter, Amy, has taken over operations at Platte Ranch Riding Stables.  If you are in the Summit County, CO area, go see her.  It will be a blessing to you : 719-836-1670.  And make a plan to stay for dinner.   Our friend Jimmy take great wildlife photos.  You can see them at the ranch, or find them at

Blessings to all of you who have found a Bill, an Amy or a Jimmy in your life.  Life is precious.  Make it count and know whose you are.

With great love for those who help us figure it out!



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