When s*#@ hits the blank page…

Nothing pulls me out of the clouds faster than death…

not in the plan for the new year…

and, not even 24 hours into the new year.

My hopes of this blissful entrance into the calendar mode is now ancient history.  Truthfully, the deceased is not someone I knew, but the relative of a new friend.  But the mere circumstances have  hit me hard and moved me backward.


Q: So, how does one recover from this mess on the page?

A: Grace.

Q: But did I need grace so quickly in the new year?

A: Grace is a gift.

Q: Did I ask for this gift?

A: Nope.  The gift is just there.

Q: And this is supposed to make me feel better?

A: Yes.  Because this gift came to earth for us, became vulnerable for us, died to reconcile us to God, and has been raised and has conquered death for us.

Life is messy.  Thanks be to God!


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One response to “When s*#@ hits the blank page…

  1. Ron

    He will be missed. So many people loved him. What a shame.

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