Keep telling stories

I miss my Starbucks’ theology.

It brought me such joy over the holidays that my Starbucks’ indulgence gave me permission to share stories.  Stories are often shared over the holidays as we take time and have time to catch up over a cup of coffee or tea.

Now the schedule is full, the to-do list is pages long, and I am truly missing my time sharing stories with my friends and loved ones.

So the season is now over.

The reminder is no longer in front of me.

But the invitation is always present.

For me this is the reminder of Epiphany, the light that continues to shine and invite us into relationship after Christmas is past.

How will you let your light shine in the world today?

I pray that it will be a story that you will share with others.

Peace be with you.



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2 responses to “Keep telling stories

  1. caroline

    Lil, look in the first chapter of “Fields of Compassion” for an global, even universal in the sense of the universe, expansion of the idea of story. The chapter’s entitled “The Significance of Story”. I thought of you when reading it this morning and now it appears on your blog–in the music of the spheres it seems. Blessings

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