Goodbye to Snow and Hello San Anselmo

After hearing the  Dallas weather forecast for today, I scrambled to get out of town on an earlier flight today.  Sounds like it was a good call.  The kids have already sent text pictures of the winter wonderland.

I am happy to say that the weather here in San Anselmo is sunny and beautiful.  We have walked to the grocery store, unpacked, and visited with friends old and new.   Tonight we will enjoy a community dinner.  The group is about 70 including DASD students, DMIN students, and faculty.  The farthest traveler is from New Zealand.  There are 13 in the graduating class.

(Yes, 13 is my lucky number!)

I am so thankful to all who are working extra hard to give me the opportunity to be here to study.  (Especially Greg and the kids!!)

Sending prayers for a safe rush hour tomorrow in Dallas!  The kids are hoping for no school because of the snow.

Plan ahead, put blankets in the car, leave early to give yourself extra time,  and smile at your neighbor on the road.

Shalom, Lil




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