Holding the Space

Last Thursday evening, the third year DASD class prepared and held a candlelight labyrinth walk for the first and second year classes.  It was an amazing experience.  I remembered fondly the evening walk when I was a first year student, seeing the brightness of the stars peeking through the lapses in the fog.  My second year was the rainy year…no labyrinth.  This year was our year to prepare and hold the space.

This is what I noticed:

One candle breaks the stillness of the dark.

Too much light concentrated in areas makes it more difficult to see the path in the dark.

Balance of the light was the key.

Praying for those on their way to the journey creates space to hold.

Holding space for those on the journey is just as holy as being on the labyrinth.

If you can’t see the path, you can still get to the center.

Shadows dance in candlelight.

Surely this dance was choreographed by the Holy One.

The moon rising over the labyrinth slowed our breath as we gazed with wonder.

The dance was complete.

I wonder, how will you dance tonight?


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One response to “Holding the Space

  1. Ugonna Onuoha

    Just finished walking the labynith at childrens’ with a new nurse. Just beauty embarking on the journey of begining and continuing in my following. I am blessed.

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