Enjoying God’s Creation

Three days into Spring Break, and I finally feel like I am slowing down.  Paper postmarked.  Friends have arrived.  Survived first day of skiing.  It is time to pull out the puzzles, make a cake for Dean’s birthday, and take it easy.

Taking it easy is especially easy with a view like this.  And there is something about snow, gently falling to the ground.  It is so quiet, peaceful, and calming.

We have a new trailblazer in the family.  See picture #2.  I know it’s hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see a small blob of off-white in the white snow.  This is Paisley, Ali’s 24-week-old puppy.  It is her first trip to Colorado in the snow.  She loves it.  We thought we might lose her in the snow, but she has a great vertical leap and can get out of most predicaments.

It makes me wonder….Imagine if we all explored God’s creation with this excitement.  Joy!  Energy!  Excitement!  What’s new today?  More to explore!  Fun, fun, fun!!!

May you be filled with joy in God’s creation today.


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