Balance trumps everything…

Balance trumps everything...

Two years ago, I broke my foot.  This accident put a huge dent into my tennis game.  I had just joined a new team, one more competitive and higher up the ladder.  When I returned to the game, I was surprised how long it took to regain the balance in my legs.  I was very thankful for the additional arm strength I gained using crutches for 10 weeks!  But the length of time I encountered  the imbalance of leg strength was a setback I did not anticipate.

So I had to adjust my game to be able to compete in this higher level.  I became more adept at drop shots, angles, taking more shots in the air.  Power was no longer my friend.  Placement became more important.

The ending result when my foot finally healed was a more balanced game.  And, according to Steve, my tennis coach, balance trumps everything.  Balance trumps everything.  Well, of course it does, unless… perhaps … someone is more balanced than you are…

From a place of balance you can move any direction.  Change of direction is not difficult.  It is that stance where one feels weightless, grounded, and connected, as if one is floating… because it is so easy to make the next move.  This is that place of grounding in yoga where the head, neck, spine, hips and tailbone are all in line.  Grounded.

Consider what this means in the wholeness of  life.  Balance trumps everything.  Balance of mind, body, and spirit is really important.  I remember when I started jogging, I couldn’t get enough of it.  But I neglected my prayer life.  so I began to pray while I jogged.  And, I found that jogging keeps my mind more clear.  If only I could fold clothes at the same time… 😉

I encourage you to try on the phrase “Balance Trumps Everything” in your life and take note of the results.

I have found:

I am much more patient in the carpool line.

The line at the post office seems to move more quickly.

I don’t seem to be as forgetful.

I am more present to my children… to my husband…to my tennis partner… and to God.


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One response to “Balance trumps everything…

  1. Lil,
    Didn’t know you had a blog! And what a way to discover it — I’ve now made a post-it note and stuck it to my monitor. Balance trumps everything… that’s one to think on, long and hard!
    Miss you/love you.

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