TOMS One Day Without Shoes is today!!

When I was a child, I spent the summer barefoot.  Stumping my big toe for the first time seemed to be the green flag…summer has begun!!  We crawled through the creek, the dirt, the woods, totally taking for granted the relatively clean conditions of our neighborhood world.  Not to mention the tetanus shots and other vaccinations that keep us healthy.

As an adult now with my own children, I am thankful for the healthy conditions of the United States.  Yet as a mother, I am expressing concern for other mothers and parents in countries where the conditions are not healthy.  Consider joining in TOMS One Day Without Shoes today.  Watch this link for more information.

As you take some time today without your shoes, consider what you might be able to do to help others.  We have many homeless in the United States who need food, shoes, and clothing.  Perhaps you can clean your closet today.

While TOMS is a for profit company, it has introduced a new model of giving that proves to offer sustainable giving.  If you are a business owner or leader who is able to make decisions, consider what a new model of business might look like for you.

Remember friends, it doesn’t have to be something BIG.  All of our small offerings can create something BIG.  So I hope you will find a way to participate.   And let those toes wiggle!

Peace be with you.


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One response to “TOMS One Day Without Shoes is today!!

  1. Thanks for supporting this! Not able to go without shoes today (work…), but I am sporting my TOMS in a small form of support. Love that you tied this in to being a Mom.

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