Morning after the storm

Yesterday was the last day of my pastoral internship.

It was a stormy departure for me.

A surprising number of tears.

What a blessing St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church has been for me.

Thank you!

Last night I spent 90 minutes in the storm closet with the kids.

The tornado sirens kept going off.

The storminess continued well into the night.

No tornadoes in Richardson.

Just lots of reminders of the storm the night before.

This morning instead of going to Bible Study, I walked five miles.

What a beautiful morning after the storm.

Everything was so green and lush.

I found lots of promise in the day.

I watched a baby nutria displaced by the storm find its way from the intersection safely back to the creek.

I saw so many reminders of new growth.

I spied in the muddy water pools settling.

The birds were chirping happily.

The breeze was cool and crisp, a big change from the heaviness of the humidity these last days.

So today, I will focus on the promise of new things to come the morning after the storm.



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4 responses to “Morning after the storm


    We missed you this morning. I did especially since what we did with the John passage Monday was so much better for me than the discussion this morning. Your walk sounded so refreshing.

  2. Judi Andrew

    Your message was a breath of fresh air.

  3. undeniable sense of life and hope in your story. thanks for sharing. keep on.

  4. Linda

    Lil, where and/or who did the artwork at the top? It is so lovely and my style!

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