It is summer.

So why is the list longer than ever?!?

Kids need this for camp.  House needs that fixed.  Fridge needs to be filled again today because everything I bought yesterday has been consumed.  Kids want to go here.  I need to go there.  What I was hoping to be a laid-back summer is proving to be just more chaos!!!

At least, that’s how I see it.  My kids are totally happy.

How do I turn chaos into something more constructive?

Breathe.  Remember to breathe!  BREATHE!!

Deep breath is the best remedy to chaos.  It is my Calgon moment.  It is Five Minutes Peace in mere seconds.  For in that deep breath, I connect with a center that is stronger than I am.  That center can handle choas, looking past the moment of anxiety changing the moment to peace.  Sometimes it takes two or three breaths…or four…or five.  Whatever it takes to diffuse the moment of choas.

I am so glad my Yoga instructor will be back in the country next week.  I need some shavasna for sure!!  Yoga can be a great spiritual discipline.  I learned so much about the breath in Yoga.  You can find a studio near you.  Or check out an online yoga coach. My friend Sarah has a great one.

Redeeming Yoga

As you learn about the power of the breath, consider the breath of God.  How is God’s breath sustaining you?  If you are seeking healing, check out a great book by Reuben Habito:

The Healing Breath

May you be blessed today as you notice your breath and the breath of God around you.


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