Seeing deeply…

I am savoring my R&R time in Colorado this week.  Yesterday, I was immersed in seeing deeply.

Greg and I were trout fishing in Fairplay, CO with our guide Cory.

I love trout fishing,

but I never see the fish.

I am not trained to see deeply beneath the water like Greg and Cory can.  I hope with time and more fishing expeditions I will be able to learn this skill.

The weather was really wacky during the fishing trip.  One minute beautiful, blue sky with amazing cloud formations.  Next, thunder storms popping up  right and left.  Most of them missed us, but we spent some time in the cabin on the property, waiting out the storm.  Having spent some time in CO, we have learned to wait out the storm.  The weather changes quite frequently.  We could watch the clouds and predict the pattern and make a decision based on our experience.

One of the best parts of trout fishing for me is the amazing beauty of creation and time spent in nature.  It is a great place to contemplate my faith journey and my walk with God.  Yesterday, as I was immersed in trying to see deeply under the water, I was struck by the practice and leaning it takes to develop that skill (even with help of polarized glasses).  Faith takes practice and learning skills as well.  Just as we were able to predict the patterns of the storm because of the experience we draw on from the past, our faith journey holds this same type of learning.  The only way to get this leaning is to jump in and seek deeper meaning in your life.

Resting in the Reflection

Will it be easy?


This is not a promise we receive in scripture.  Discipleship is not easy.  But it is the most rewarding experience we have as children of God.

This reflection picture is my favorite from our journey yesterday.  For when I tried to see deeply beneath the water what I saw was a reflection of the beauty above.  This taught me that every glance has meaning.  I might not see what I want to see, but I will see what God wants to show me.  May you rest in the reflection of your faith journey today, knowing the God will show you the way.




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