The fruitfulness of being stuck…

The beginning of our fishing expedition was rocky.

Actually, it was muddy.

Our guide’s car hit high center crossing the river.  Quite a predicament seeing we were a mile and a half shy of our destination.

The guy you see in the picture is our angel.  There were four of them, actually, linemen who happened to be

at the right place

at the right time

with a tow line.

Yes!  Our rescue team was provided for us.  I am sure we brightened their day…

The rising river meant walking in and out of our destination.  It was a beautiful walk through the wild iris.

As I reflected on our day, I realized the pool where Greg caught the fish of the season was in a place we NEVER would have fished had we driven to the cabin.  Because of our unfortunate circumstance of stuckness by the river, FRUIT was realized in the catch of the season.

This is my wish for you today: that you seek the fruit of your circumstance (even if that is in place of stuckness).

For surely this is where you will see God.




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