Reflections Abound

Reflections abound!!

I guess you can’t escape reflection in the mountains…where there is actually something besides a building to capture your attention. Greg and I are sitting at Empire Burger in Breckenridge, CO.  (It’s a lot like Snuffer’s in TX – they have an amazing wedge salad!)  So I looked to my left, and what did I see? Not a building, but me, sitting at the foot of beautiful mountains.

As we enjoyed our meal and the whisper of the breeze, I was wondering how much I surely miss seeing during the day.  This glimpse was such a gift for me.  And  better yet, I had a camera to document the picture, to go back to it, and to savor the moment.  This is what rest and reflection is about:  time to slow down enough to capture a glimpse of the moment and to have time to go back and to revisit that glimpse.

So how about some R&R!!  When was your last installment?  Take time to schedule some today.





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