Are you depressed? Take this quick test to determine your risk for clinical depression.

Don’t be fooled.  Depression affects many families around you.  Unfortunately, depression is something we don’t talk about in social circles.   So, I will bring it up here in this space.  Undiagnosed depression can be very dangerous to an individual and/or a family.  There are symptoms which you should know.  If you suspect you or someone close to you might have depression, take this quick test.  Take action on the results on the test.  Taking action is a positive step toward healing:  

The following  quick depression test may help you understand if you are depressed and some indication of the severity. When answering the questions below, give yourself one point for each yes (Be honest with yourself!).

Do you:

  1. Wake up earlier than usual and find you can’t go back to sleep?
  2. Do you often feel extremely tired without apparent reason?
  3. Do you lack self confidence and doubt yourself?
  4. Do you feel lonely or withdrawn from the world?
  5. Do you feel worthless?
  6. Do you eat too much?
  7. Do you drink too much?
  8. Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
  9. Do you find it difficult to think logically or make decisions?
  10. Are you procrastinating or avoiding doing things?
  11. Have you lost interest in sexual activity?
  12. Are you apathetic and lacking in motivation?
  13. Do you sometimes feel like crying?
  14. Do you see no future for yourself?
  15. Do you feel trapped?
  16. Do you feel you can’t cope?
  17. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
  18. Do you feel life is not worth living?
  19. Do you suffer from quick mood swings?

Tally your results, giving your self one point for each question you answered yes (sometimes is a yes).


Take note of your results.  

less than 5 – could be low level or beginnings of depression

5 to 10 – moderate level

11 plus – high level depression

Depression is serious, and if you score moderate or high depression please see a doctor very soon.  Your family physician can help you determine the best course of action for you.  Reaching out is the most difficult step.  If someone does not take your seriously, find someone else to tell.  Keep asking until you find someone to help you.  Once you have reached out to someone to help you, you will be on your way to healing and health. 

If you feel so led, share this with a friend!




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