Too much water

I love the water.  Yet the crazy weather patterns this year, the rise of the Mississippi River twice in two months which seems to have paralleled my spiritual life, has tempted me to consider the prospect of too much water.  Too much water at a time that Texas is in a draught….hmmm.

I took this picture of the wild iris swimming in a field in CO that normally is not be under water.  Because of over 500 inches of snow and a late snow melt, many fields near the rivers are flowing.  Too much water?  I thought so at the beginning.  Then I remember how water rejuvenates a field.  How a riverbed can be an extremely fertile ground.  The replanted fields in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi have quickly sprouted and grown after floods.

At the time of the flood, the water is too much.  The water can even be destructive.  Yet when the water recedes, fertile ground is exposed.  The ground is not ready to plant.  It must be tilled and prepared.  New seeds must be planted.  Nurture is still required for growth.  Yet there is something about the attention given to the flood that highlights the new planting.  Perhaps there is more at stake based on the destruction that has occurred.  Perhaps it is a new level of faith.

I have had floods in my spiritual life.  How about you?  And I have experienced the replanting after the soil.  What I remember from these times is that there is heightened awareness of the growth that happens after the flood.  It is more precious.  Faith is more in my consciousness arena.  I am more dependent upon God.

For these times and for the floods in your life,  I am thankful.  I pray that you and I will meet these times with an open spirit to seek and depend on God’s love and nurture for new growth.




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