What do you say if…

I was on the airplane yesterday.  There was a precious little girl sitting behind me.  Her mom explained, she has two speeds, this one and off.  She chattered the entire flight.  At first I grimaced and considered bringing out my headphones to drown out the noise.  But after awhile, I was reminded of my daughter that age.  I was hooked.

She asked her mom a question, “What do you say if you see a cloud in the shape of a sheep?”


I know her mom must have been tired…but still no response.  Come on, mom…but her eyes were closed as she zoned out for awhile.

More silence.

I turned around, winked at the toddler, and mouthed, “Baaaaa.”

Big smile.

It seemed to appease the little girl for a few moments anyway.  It was our little secret.  A moment just between us.  And I was so thankful I did not bring out the headphones.


I have lots of questions right now.  Am I hearing you right, God?  Is this the right place, God?  Will you show me a sign?  Just a little glimpse.  That’s all I need.  It is like this game with the toddler, just a wink and a short answer will suffice.  I know you hear me.  I am trying to wait patiently.  I’ve asked the question, now waiting for the answer…

What do you say if you see a cloud in the shape of a sheep?




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