Nature’s Staircase

Path by the Garden Inn at Bee Rock

Morning in Tennessee.  It is a beautiful thing.  Usually when I visit my daughter at camp, I stay in town at the Best Western.  This year I am in the midst of an “internal retreat”, a time for reflection and seeking.  So, I was lucky to find a room at a nearby B&B.  On my morning walk, I found nature’s staircase.

I love my home in Dallas, but there is nothing like a natural staircase.  I was struck by the morning light leading me up the stairs to the bluff just a few steps further.

What a beautiful way to greet the morning light!

Peace be with you on this day of rest.


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One response to “Nature’s Staircase

  1. I felt invigorated just imagining this vista! Thanks for posting. What a grand world we inhabit.

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