Let me in, please…


They are all around us.

I am particularly aware today of traffic signals.

Blinkers in particular.

I watched today in traffic as five different cars ignored a lady who signaled to move lanes. They either 1) did not see her (self-absorbed) or 2) ignored her request and stood their own course (selfish).

Now both of these options are problematic to me.  The first points to the fact that we are not looking out for one another.  The second points to the fact that individualism has taken over.  Friends, our  communities, our cities, our world cannot survive with these lines of thinking.

First we must be looking out for one another.  Not just with traffic signals, but with all signals.  Why does a child cry?  Why is she angry?  Why is he not responding?  Where has she been?  Why has he lost so much weight?  I haven’t seen her smile lately.  He is just not himself.

If we ignore the signals and do not reach out to someone or invite them in, we are missing out on discipleship opportunities.  We are missing the important moments of life: to listen to a friend or a neighbor.

Second, we must address the overwhelming influence individualism has on the Western culture.  Aren’t we willing to give up mere seconds in our life to allow another child of God in front of us?  Or is everyone the enemy?

Slow down and notice what is going on around you.  You have more of an influence than you think.  Your commute will be much less stressful, and you will begin to notice glimpses of God all around you.  Peace be with you on this hot summer day.  Let me in, please…


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One response to “Let me in, please…

  1. What a thoughtful post emanating from such an everyday event. Noted: I will keep alert to signals this week!

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