Old and New

Old vines

New Vines










As I walked through a small vineyard a while ago, I was captured by the vast differences between the old vines and the new vines.  The old vines offer protection to the fruit.  There is stability as the vines are interwoven.  It is difficult to tell where one branch begins and ends.

The new vines are vulnerable.  The fruit has little protection from the leaves.  The vine depends on the stability of the form to hold the new vine, keeping it from the intruders of the ground.

As I looked at the vineyard from a distance, there were old and new vines next to one another.  It reminded me of Christian community.  Some people are filled with the wisdom of the old vines.  Others are just growing their first fruit.  Some days are filled with the protection of the old vines.  Others are vulnerable to the world.  Some places are built upon the wisdom of the old vines but no longer bear fruit.  Other places need forms to hold up the delicate new vines filling with fruit.

Yet, no vine is better than another.  Each bears its place in the vineyard.

May you be blessed today with the peace of acceptance to be right where God wants you to be in the vineyard.  You might be filled with wisdom bearing no fruit.  You might be vulnerable with the new fruit that is pulling at the form around you.  Whatever the case may be, may you find the gift in the moment and give thanks for the presence of God.


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One response to “Old and New

  1. What a thoughtful metaphor. It’s easy to prefer to be the “old vines” – safer, stronger … but there is a time and place for the new and being vulnerable.

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