Deliver us from evil…

Jesus Mafa

Matthew 20:1-16

The lectionary text today is one that has captured me all week…because as many have already disclosed,  I struggle with it frequently.  The vineyard workers entering at the end of the day receive the same wages as those who have been working hard the entire day.  What is perplexing is that it is not fair.  I hear those familiar words from my parents, “Life…is not fair.”

For fun, let’s translate the parable into my language.  I have been working on the committee for the new school program since it’s inception.  Late comers to the committee made suggestions to my proposal that the committee liked better than mine.  They actually vote to change the direction of the program.  REALLY!?!


But I have worked so hard!  Mine is just as good, now THEY want to change it.  It will take lots more time.  It might take more money to make changes at this point.  Why NOW?  Couldn’t they have come at the beginning of the project?  There was a chance for them to be here from the beginning, but they chose to come in at the end and steal the glory…

AHA!  That’s it, isn’t it!?!  Pride.  This is a parable about pride.  The value of my full work is more than the value of someone’s partial work.  Right!?!

And this is where Jesus catches us in our web of pride.  ALL work done for the glory of God is equal.  ALL work, not the time spent, the amount done, the first finished, the best looking…ALL work done for the glory of God is equal.

This is what I want to SAVOR today so I will remember it tomorrow.  Our pride can get us off track so quickly.  Deliver us from this evil, O God, that we might be able to let go of the things WE are important and focus on those things that YOU need us to do to further YOUR kingdom on earth.




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