A small change can make a huge difference…

A small change can make a huge difference…

I had the great pleasure of attending a silent retreat recently. The silent retreat was structured with a lot of free time where I could explore outside. I found a flat rock in the creek which had been washed smooth by the water. It was almost a perfect circle. I was so thankful for the time to sit with the rocks, to choose the one I wanted to carry for a while, to appreciate the natural landscape while sitting there.

Later in the day I spent time in the labyrinth. It was a day filled with great discovery. I was thankful for so many new insights I had gained. So, I felt compelled to give thanks to God for the gift of the day. As I bent to place my stone as a gift in the center of the labyrinth…




I noticed what a huge difference

a small change can make.

With just one new stone,

the pile of stones

I encountered

was transformed into

a flower.

May you be blessed

with a small gift today

that will make

a huge difference.



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