Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude in Marin County

I went to the most interesting new restaurant last winter. The whole place was overflowing with gratitude, even the menu items:

Would you rather eat “a green salad” for lunch, or “I am filled”.

How about a “baked potato” or “I am grounded”.

How about “tacos and rice” or “I am transformed”.

The concept is quite remarkable, actually. The concept made me grateful for each bite of food that went into my mouth. I encountered the service staff in a new way. The conversation at our table was filled with moments of gratitude. It was an experience that changed me.

For now when I say the blessing of thanks for the meal, my circle of experience has widened:
I encounter those in the field who have harvested the potatoes and the grain.
Those who drove trucks and packed boxes.
Those who washed and sorted.
Those who ordered and those who sold.
Those who I encountered in the store.
Those who chopped and those who cooked.
Those who served and those who cleaned.
Those who share the meal and those who listen to the blessings.

With gratitude,


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One response to “Cafe Gratitude

  1. What an intersting and inspiring restaraunt!

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