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Old or New?

On one of my recent walks, I stopped to notice a stark change in the sidewalk.  It captured my attention so  much, I took a picture so I could “revisit the conversation” later.

What captures me is the contrast between the new pour of the concrete and the old master pour.

Notice the new pour on the top.  It is smooth but lacks character.  It feels rushed.  The finish is too perfect, one large “scrape” across the top to finish it off.

Now look at the old concrete on the bottom.  It has much more character.  There are trowel marks brushed on the finish marking the craftsmanship of the worker.  Care has been taken to finish the sides with a smooth finish.  I imaging the workers spent much more time  and care thirty years ago when this sidewalk was first constructed.

(And if you look closely on the left, you can see the tiny paw prints of God’s creation that have walked this way as well!  I missed that in my on-site investigation.)

I must admit I much prefer the look of the older concrete.  And this picture has me pondering the fast pace with which we are throwing up new buildings and replacing sections of concrete quickly with no care to match the existing structures.

It reminds me of a rushed spiritual journey.  Those times that are rushed and smoothed falsely result in a shallow relationship with God that happens only on “my time.”  But the old master steeped in care and thought will lead to a more complete relationship with God.  A relationship where each brush stroke matters.  A relationship where attention to details shows the work of the Master.  A relationship that over time with perseverance stands on a strong foundation.  There will be cracks.  Some pieces will need to be replaced and updated.

Walk carefully and notice the details of the path God is placing in front of you.

With a grateful heart,



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