I am fragile…

It has been a long time since I felt physically fragile.  Finding a way to play tennis or get in an aerobic walk each day has been an important part of my selfcare routine for many years now.  So the flu really hit me hard this year.  I “tamiflued” up when my husband got the flu, taking extra precaution. #tamiflufailvenus fly trap  I have been in the house, in my chair, curled up with the dogs for six days.  And today, a sabbath due to the ice and snow.

I am fragile.  Being forced to slow down, to cancel appointments, to miss important events was at first painful and bitter.  Yet in the freedom that was created for me, I was able to find a gift in the time, a blessing in the solitude, a deep breath in the space of time.

This reminds me of our call to return to God during Lent.  Our need and our desire to keep our eyes upon the Holy.  For when we see through the lens of the Holy, being fragile, being dust is peace, joy, love, hope.  Don’t fall into the trap of the world demanding your attention.  Take time to see, hear and embrace the Holy in the moment.  Be fragile.

(c) 2015 The Rev. Lil Smith



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