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Dust is transformed…

He is risen.  Christ conquers death again and again.  It is not a thing of the past.  It is the here and now.  It is the promise of a new world where the lion lies down with the lamb in peace. edward_hicks-peaceablekingdom

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust we are transformed by the Living Christ.

We are recreated by the Holy into new life.  But we have to know we are dust and be dust for this to happen.  Otherwise, our need to create our own identity will prevail.

I pray that living with the image of dust has been a blessing to you during Lent.  May you carry it with you knowing the Living Christ is always transforming you.

(c) 2015 The Rev. Lil Smith


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To the haters…

To the ones who throw stones…

To the ones who tear down…

To the ones who judge…

To the ones who crucify…

…this world hears your pointing fingers, your judgment, your cries of “Crucify! Crucify! Crucify!”



How does it feel to be a voice in the crowd that destroys?

I know.  I have been there.

The day is coming.  The day of resurrection.  The victory of love over hate.

Won’t you join me?

A new crowd…a crowd that sits and weeps.

A crowd that enters the tomb with Jesus.

A crowd that chooses to be transformed from hate to love.

A crowd that chooses to throw compassion, not stones.

A crowd that lives in abundance, not fear.

The choice is yours.

Enter the tomb.

And be open to Christ’s transforming love.

(c) The Rev. Lil Smith

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