Praying for his urgent need

at-the-traffic-lightI left the house 10 minutes late this morning.  It was overcast and a little foggy.  The friend I was meeting for coffee was so gracious and understood how time gets away from us sometimes.

It was a normal commute through traffic to our coffee date.  Until the honking began.  I knew immediately there must be an urgent need.  The white SUV startled me as it unexpectedly flew by, honking, switching lanes, maneuvering the quickest way possible to get to its destination.  The man behind the wheel was distraught.  The sound left quickly, but the sea of brake lights ahead of me blinked a pattern of urgency as the honking capsule seemed suspended in air as it zig-zagged through the lanes, speeding toward an urgent need.

Years ago, I  would be agitated by his urgency.  It would have hardened my heart and sent me into a rant at work.  But today, having experienced many storms of urgency that have smoothed the stones in my river, I stop.

And I pray for him.

I pray that the urgency is over and that all is well at the end of the day.  It was a day that began in chaos for him.  I pray that others who were startled when they encountered the honking car of urgency  recognized the need to stop.

And pray for him.

(c) 2017 Rev.Lil Smith


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